Training at Magnitudo
Training at Magnitudo
Training at Magnitudo
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Magnitudo means passion for training and a healthy lifestyle. We are here to help people of all ages and skills. We teach training techniques and methods that will help you overcome all physical challenges, so you can live a healthier life or excel in sports. Our concrete goal is to educate.

We want to show you the virtuous combination of ancient preparation techniques with unconventional training methods, in a system based on scientific evidence and concrete, measurable and verifiable data. If you want to see today what mainstream in the best Italian gyms will be tomorrow, then this is the right place. Magnitudo Training is the future now.


allenamento mattutino
Recurring event Available bookings

Overcome sedentary lifestyle, get fit and get ready for summer/increase your resting metabolic rate and postworkout oxygen consumption = burn more calories/develop functional strength/improve well-being and quality of everyday life/lose weight/increase your organic fitness/train safely and effectively while having fun with the energy of a motivated work group.

Duration: 1 h.
Skills: all levels.

Every tuesday and friday at 6:30am

sala massaggi
Recurring event Available bookings

Considered by many as the sports massage of the future, it has a series of incredible benefits: decontracting, lymphatic drainage, eliminates waste, reduces cellulite, improves skin tone.
Practiced only by Diabasi qualified operators.

april 20, 2018

sala massaggi
Finished workshop Closed registrations

Strength is one of the most talked-about conditional abilities of this motor activity historical period. There are many schools and sports that place it almost at the core of their vision of "human movement". It is indisputable that it is a fascinating and fundamental characteristic for those who live the world of fitness and sport. So, for the first time, let's look at it from an unexpected point of view: that of HMO. During this workshop, we will highlight the importance of joint mobility as a neurological stimulus for the increase of strength performance and we will explain the bases of functional neurology that allow to obtain these results through unexpected paths.

november 10, 2018

Ken Franks
Finished event Closed registrations

Strength & Conditioning practical seminar, specific for front-line and cognitive training of Rugby players who aspire to excel in their role and for trainers / athletic coaches who want to take advantage of the most specific and innovative physical and mental training techniques.

october 30, 2017

Andrey Malanichev
Finished event Closed registrations

For the first time in Italy, a seminar with Andrey Malanichev. During the weekend, you can take part in a squat match held by Andrey, watch one of his training sessions and win a live coaching with him!

march 4/5, 2017

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Athletes Development

Long-term coaching for young talents and potential professional athletes. It is a program of sports growth and individual education.

Youth Academy

Program for young students (6-12 years old): we give them the best general physical preparation and the tools to excel in the sport they want to practice.

Recupero Neuromotorio

Training for those who want to get in shape, live well and feel better every day. Suitable for any age and level of preparation.

Human and Sport Performance

Training for sports performance for all athletes, from amateur to professional. The specific training or program is customized according to the athlete's level.


The MAGNITUDO gymnasium was created with the objective of foreseeing the future of the best physical fitness gyms in the world. We believe in innovation and we are among pioneers in Italy for our training method, technology, equipment, machinery and our muscular recovery techniques. We were the first in Italy to use the Technogym Skill Mill treadmill and the only ones to import Westside Barbell machines, the "Forza" bench, the MyoTruck, the Monolift, the Bamboo Bar, the Specialty Bar and more.



The Magnitude Recovery area is dedicated to neuro-muscular recovery. It is about 250 square meters, it has a large lounge equipped with wi-fi, sofas and armchairs for relaxing, a cryotherapy room with the latest generation cryo cabin from the leading company Cryotec Nordic (the extra-large model can accommodate athletes and people with important physiques), a room for massages and other hand therapies, two Recovery Pump machines and Compex wireless electro stimulators.

PFor this reason, access to Magnitudo is reserved
for those who have an appointment or an invitation.
Contact us to schedule your appointment:
+39 349 8146726 facebook


Magnitudo is a temptation to change, to continually renew oneself, to become better and stronger. This is our great ambition and we would like for it to become yours too. We offer you to work on a unique project: yourself and all your greatness.

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We want to teach you what we have learned. We want to show you that what everyone does often does not work. We want to offer you new things and explain why they work. We want to infect you with a revolution, we only ask you to give us a chance. At your own risk, because we are highly contagious!

Cristiano Turri
Cristiano Turri

"I believe we are all unique and special in our individuality and that there cannot be one type of training or exercise that is right and suitable for everyone."

Flavio Di Giorgio
Flavio Di Giorgio

"What drives a person to move forward and face even the most difficult obstacles? Passion and perseverance."

Flavio Di Giorgio
Matteo Saoncella

"For me, sport is a search for constant improvement, not only physical but also mental."

Elisa Foroni
Elisa Foroni

"Easy, functional and sustainable work is my belief."