We are interested in showing you the expert combination of ancient preparation techniques with unconventional training methods in a system based on scientific and objective evidence (with concrete, measurable and verifiable data). It is not just a matter of selling a service, but also promoting a way of thinking, thus making (sports) culture. Magnitudo goes beyond what a trendy box-equipped warehouse, a personal training studio or yet another chain of commercial gyms can offer you.

We want to spread those innovative and unconventional ideas that have conquered us and challenge the mainstream fitness "status quo", whoever has a weight bar on his head and only sees cast iron disks or whoever trains only with attractive exercises or weird acrobatics. We believe that we can be competent and reliable without taking ourselves too seriously. At a gym, academic strictness or marines-like attitudes are pathetic. People can't solve humanity problems or save lives at the gym. At the gym we help people get better, get stronger and perform better in the sport they have chosen.

We are open to any comparison and allergic to any passionate dogmatism: we are interested in what really works with people. A good coach must translate the abstract formula of scientists and sport scholars and apply it to the real case of the person whom he has to train. A good coach should be a high-quality craftsman in his shop: the gym.

This is why our intent is also to infect you with an out-of-the-ordinary thought: we want you to ask yourself questions and we want to give you all the information you need to be stronger and better.

Athletes Development

Long-term coaching for young talents and potential professional athletes. It is a program of sports growth and individual education.

Youth Academy

Program for young students (6-12 years old): we give them the best general physical preparation and the tools to excel in the sport they want to practice.

Recupero Neuromotorio

Training for those who want to get in shape, live well and feel better every day. Suitable for any age and level of preparation.

Human and Sport Performance

Training for sports performance for all athletes, from amateur to professional. The specific training or program is customized according to the athlete's level.