We created MAGNITUDO by anticipating the future of the best physical fitness gyms in the world. The gym has been conceived and structured to give quality, with the ambition to be a craftsman shop that pursues excellence, in clear and deliberate contrast with the quantity offer of the commercial or mainstream fitness industry.
We are also a work in progress because we like to explore the established boundaries, the limits of the possible development areas. The great provocation of sport (metaphor of life) is that of change. What works today may not work tomorrow and what works for one doesn’t work for all. If we try to understand the meaning of what happens to us and ask ourselves good questions, change (as well as desirable) is inevitable. Our categorical imperative is to improve and innovate to excel and this implies training, adaptation and continuous change in respect of our professional integrity.

We are interested in novelties that work well. We believe in innovation and we are among the pioneers in Italy for our training method, technologies, equipment, machinery and for the applied muscular recovery techniques.
We were the first in Italy to have the Technogym Skill Mill treadmill and the only ones to import Westside Barbell training machines, the "Forza" bench, the MyoTruck, the Monolift, the Bamboo Bar, the Specialty Bar and more.

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MAGNITUDO has two functional areas, designed to perform at best for different types of work: one area for training and one for recover physical and mental forces. The activities carried out in the two areas constitute an all-round offer; customers will find skills and equipment appropriate to their needs.

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This is where we take our videos and where we train. This is the place for our training meetings, seminars and work shops. Here we like to compare ourselves, try, experiment, talk about training but also have fun.
Everything you need to get better, get really stronger, train hard and recover before others is here. The gym area is about 500 square meters divided into 3 main work areas: Turf, Barbell and Westside Barbell.

Artificial turf made of synthetic grass long m.27x4
Platform for Olympic Weightlifting,
two platforms for Power Lifting,
Monolift, Bench, two Power Racks,
Barbells with complete sets of plates,
Bamboo Bar and Specialty Bar.
Unique training machines in Italy, icons of force
from Louie Simmons's Westside Barbell
like the Belt Squat Machine, the Reverse Hyper,
the Inverse Curl, the Standing Leg Curl
and the Hip Ab Machine.

In MAGNITUDO TRAINING we work with people of all ages and abilities, teaching techniques and training methods to overcome any physical challenge, both to live better in everyday life and to excel in sport. The gym is the place to teach you what we have learned. We want to show you that what's everyone doing often does not work. We want to offer you new ways and explain why they work.

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The Magnitude Recovery area is dedicated to neuro-muscular recovery. It is about 250 square meters, it has a large lounge equipped with wi-fi, sofas and armchairs for relaxing, a cryotherapy room with the latest generation cryo cabin from the leading company Cryotec Nordic (the extra-large model can accommodate athletes and people with important physiques), a room for massages and other hand therapies, two Recovery Pump machines and Compex wireless electro stimulators.