Suitable for: general public, people of any age and skill

Method: 2 or 3 times a week.

The purpose of Magnitudo Training is to improve the "human performance" of the general public and the "sports performance" of amateurs and professional athletes. This objective is achieved thanks to a high-level training system based on scientific principles, which only professional sportsmen generally have access to.

We are able to change intensity, frequency and training methods according to the trainee, while always maintaining our basic scientific principles. We offer an innovative and authentic system that cares about your uniqueness. We want to teach you specific skills and give you a general training overview.

HUMAN PERFORMANCE is the training for those who want to live well and "feel better" in their everyday life. It is conceived for the "general public", therefore for all people, of every age, ability and level of preparation. The pursued objectives are the usual ones: "feeling better" (e.g.: better blood analysis), living and moving without any pain (e.g.: back pain), losing weight and getting back into shape, post-injury re-training, preparing for surgery with the objective of reducing post-surgery recovery (e.g.: knee), building muscle mass or bettering your organic fitness.

Day after day we are able to increase your body motor skills, starting from joint mobility and athletic build. We improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and we increase the strength and the overall body explosiveness. We evaluate you and your goals so that we can prepare a customized program with periodic progress checks.

A quality training must always be based on field experience, specialized skills and a general background overview, even when the set goal is not a professional sport performance.

The training sessions can be individual (Personal Training 1:1) or collective (Group Session 1:2/6). Group sessions dynamics offer a lot of fun and trigger healthy competitiveness, but we like to train in an atmosphere of great energy and motivation during our individual lessons as well.