Suitable for: talented young teenagers, aspiring pro athletes and pro athletes.

Method: training sessions.

The purpose of Magnitudo Training is to improve the "human performance" of the general public and the "sports performance" of amateurs and professional athletes. This objective is achieved thanks to a high-level training system based on scientific principles, which only professional sportsmen generally have access to.

We are able to change intensity, frequency and training methods according to the trainee, while always maintaining our basic scientific principles. We offer an innovative and authentic system that cares about your uniqueness. We want to teach you specific skills together with a general overview of training.

"Potential is the regret of the weak without discipline" (me)

"There's no substitute for work" (Vince Lombardi)

"To achieve success, whatever the job we have, we must pay a price" (Vince Lombardi)

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" (Tim Notke)

If you want to add an extra winning factor to the sport performance you have chosen, then you have to train smartly, increase strength, power, working ability, mobility and learn how to treat your body so it's always efficient (athletic longevity). The workouts specific to the sport that you have chosen are not enough to ensure that you become a winning or professional athlete. The hardest thing for athletes who want to compete at a high level, or for the parents of a child aspiring to compete is to find experienced people that they can trust to take care of them. Magnitudo Training has always seen our young people as an important resource and sport as a means of having better people and society. This is why for the little ones (11-14 years old) we have MAGNITUDO ACADEMY, while for the older kids we have ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT.

Talent, mental strength, skills, the ability to endure during a competition and deal with the psychological pressure are not enough if there is no reliability, solidity and continuity in performance.

ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT means long-term coaching for young talents and potential professional athletes. It is a program of sports growth and individual education that includes:

  • Workouts for Strength & Physical Preparation (+ power + explosiveness + anaerobic endurance + GPP or work capacity + body awareness)
  • Practical teaching of movements-exercises, fundamental principles of training, the ability to manage and maintain your body efficient over time (body management & athletic longevity)
  • Planning and programming a balanced training for a better performance in a specific sport (e.g. football, athletics, skiing, volleyball, basketball, judo, fencing, rugby, fencing, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  • Nutrition, neuro-muscular recovery techniques, healthy lifestyle and sport habits
  • Work ethic enhancement for the development of a winning sport mindset

Why choose ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT for your children?

  • Because the younger the better. When the body is young it is easier to develop abilities and skills that will last for the rest of your life.
  • Because it is a physical and mental test (even if it's in a protected and guided environment) that prepares you for the quantity and the quality of commitment, stress, and socio-cultural factors that a young sportsman learns to manage if he wants to become an elite athlete.
  • Because learning a scientifically-based training system and putting it into practice every day teaches children the importance of having a "work method" which they can easily replicate at school or at work.
  • Because training with the best Physical and Athletic Preparation method, using the most "intelligent" exercises and techniques, has a big impact in preventing injuries and it also stimulates the anabolic system by making it stronger and more resistant.

ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT and YOUTH ACADEMY are two training programs for young people (individual or agegroups) which we have already started working on, with kids of various sports disciplines (athletics, soccer, skiing, fencing, volleyball, basketball, swimming, diving and rugby).

In countries with great sports culture, the "best coaches" are assigned to the youngest and the best coaches are above all educators and mentors. This is why we combine technical training (sport preparation) with socioeducational aspects, in accordance with our Code of Ethics. In order to develop these two training programs as they should, our pro bono activity is not enough. We are seeking the help of companies and sponsorships.

For any questions or information about these two programs and to fully understand how they work, please write to cristiano@magnitudotraining.com or call +39 349 8146726