Suitable for: pro athletes, aspiring pros of any age, beginner-intermediate-advanced amateurs.

Method: 3 or 6 Weekly sessions.

The purpose of Magnitudo Training is to improve the "human performance" of the general public and the "sports performance" of amateurs and professional athletes. This objective is achieved thanks to a high-level training system based on scientific principles, which only professional sportsmen generally have access to.

We are able to change intensity, frequency and training methods according to the trainee, while always maintaining our basic scientific principles. We offer an innovative and authentic system that cares about your uniqueness. We want to teach you specific skills and give you a general training overview.

SPORT PERFORMANCEis a training program dedicated to increase all athletes sport performance, from amateur to professional. A specific training plan is built according to the level of the trainee - beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional.

According to our system, the first step for all athletes is taking organic and functional tests so that we can assess their starting level on which to build a customized program (90% of athletes are dysfunctional) and set achievable goals. The training plan is studied specifically for the individual and his/her needs with the objective of improving performance and athletic longevity. This is followed by systematic progress checks. It is true that the improvement of physical qualities is also directly related to the athlete's psychological approach.

To get the maximum performance results from his athletes, the trainer has to pass on the fundamental values to excel in sports as well as in life.

A training session comprehends general and specific functional exercises built for a specific sport, with focus on postural and biomechanical techniques. We also believe in the use of functional and unconventional scientific methods for the global development of the body. Once the basics of the training are learned and executed to perfection, the program evolves to a later stage and becomes increasingly complex and challenging. Working with pro or aspiring athletes requires a systematic use of tools and technology to measure sports performance and verify physiological adjustments. We know that when you are dealing with professional athletes, you need to bring different "super skills" and specific abilities for best results.

Magnitude Training is the place where this is happening.