Suitable for: young people 11-16 years old.

Method: training sessions and planning.

The purpose of Magnitudo Training is to improve the "human performance" of the general public and the "sports performance" of amateurs and professional athletes. This objective is achieved thanks to a high-level training system based on scientific principles, which only professional sportsmen generally have access to.

We are able to change intensity, frequency and training methods according to the trainee, while always maintaining our basic scientific principles. We offer an innovative and authentic system that cares about your uniqueness. We want to teach you specific skills and give you a general training overview.

"They call it training, but it's education. You can't just tell them, you have to give them reasons to do it." (Vince Lombadi)

YOUTH ACADEMY is a program for students of middle school and high school (11-16 years old) that works as a Sport-hub. It's a "local incubator" of young people who want to play sports. It gives them the best physical preparation and education, so they can excel in the sport they want to practice.

Our mission is to enhance the sport talent of local young people living in our area, fill in the gap between school and sports by teaching sports culture and physical education, and to help parents replace the school in this difficult task. Magnitudo Academy offers young people a program of general physical preparation (GPP or General Physical Preparedness) specialized in "not being specialized" (the specialty is not specializing), as the best science of training young people dictates. The program is born because of:

  • the lack of communication between Schools and Sports
  • the need to fill in the empty gap left by the school system
  • families need to find the best physical education for their children

The goal is to train our youngsters with a non-specific physical preparation in a unique and particular moment of their life with the objective of increasing the chances of "becoming champions" in the sport that they will choose (exercise early, specialize late). Aside from creating SPORTS CULTURE (becoming better people) and avoiding health problems (becoming a healthier people), it is well known that there are athletic skills that you can train at best only when we are young, because over time we lose them or it becomes more difficult to train them; therefore, the chances of excelling in a chosen sport decrease. This also helps to establish a better relationship with our body and avoid potential relational issues that can come out with age.

The Academy will put special attention to the educational aspect of coaching for the development of human and relational qualities of young people (mentoring). We care that our coaches are excellent technicians, but above that we want them to be educators with human and ethical solidity. We look at the person first, then at the technician, and we are absolutely convinced that "better people create better athletes".

The young people who will take part of this project are from 11 to 16 years old and it is imperative that we train them to become men and athletes.

This project will also include pro bono activities for talented guys living in the local area, who normally wouldn't be able to afford them, thanks to the help and the sponsorship of important local companies that have decided to share their success with gratitude.

ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT and YOUTH ACADEMY are two training programs for young people (individual or agegroups) which we have already started working on, with kids of various sports disciplines (athletics, soccer, skiing, fencing, volleyball, basketball, swimming, diving and rugby).

In countries with great sports culture, the "best coaches" are assigned to the youngest and the best coaches are above all educators and mentors. This is why we combine technical training (sport preparation) with socioeducational aspects, in accordance with our Code of Ethics. In order to develop these two training programs as they should, our pro bono activity is not enough. We are seeking the help of companies and sponsorships.

For any questions or information about these two programs and to fully understand how they work, please write to cristiano@magnitudotraining.com or call +39 349 8146726