No instant is lost, every action we make has a specific meaning and it could work for or against us. It is up to us to own our actions.

(Aldo Carotenuto)

For me, sport is the search for constant improvement, not only physical but also mental. It is a way to know oneself, to become aware of what we are worth and of our limits, so that we can work on them and try to overcome them.

I chose to take care of sport because I see it as a way of living and being.

I like taking care of people and helping others achieve their goals, both health and high-level competitive goals. Along my path of growth and training I had good "teachers" who allowed me to improve and helped me become what I wanted to be. What motivates me every day is the desire to pass on something of myself to others and help them achieve their full potential.

would like to leave a mark in the world not only for teaching skills and techniques to athletes but also for influencing their lives from a human perspective.

For me basketball is the most beautiful sport in the world because it combines intensity, strength, technique, tactics, mental strength and the dynamics of scoring makes the game exciting all the way to the final siren.

I chose to undertake osteopathy as well, so I can have a more effective professional background. It is useful to know different skills and to specialize in techniques that can make a difference.

My academic path has been gratifying because of my passion and my hard work. Experiencing the other side of teaching has allowed me to see training under a different perspective, often taken for granted by those who no longer remember being a student. The dual role of student-teacher has helped me to understand and develop the best way to pass on training, skills and abilities.

Winning athletes have an unusual "forma mentis", focus and rare awareness of their body.

My studies and my professional experience:


2015 – present

Student of osteopathy at the Osteopathic Spine Center Education in Bologna.


Master's Degree in Sport and Physical Performance Sciences.


National physical trainer at the Italian Basketball Federation.

Work Experience

Agosto 2018 – present

Physical trainer of the youth sector at the Scaligera Basket Verona:

  • Definition of objectives, methods and contents of training cycles
  • Physical conditioning in the field and in the weight room
  • Managing recovery of injured athletes
Giugno 2018 – present

Physical trainer at the Hype Athletes Program.

Off-season camp for professional basketball players.

June 2017 - April 2018

Physical trainer of tennis player Maria Giovanna Nanti.

October 2015 - September 2018

Assistant teacher at the Universities of Padova and Verona, in Motor Science bachelor's courses:

  • Practical and theoretical exercises of compensatory gymnastics and fitness
  • Theoretical exercises of biomechanics applied to sport
September 2013 - September 2018

Physical trainer of the first team and of the youth sector at the Petrarca Basket and the Padova Basketball Union.